How would a wedding photographer make your wedding day special?

It would not be wrong to suggest that getting married is a wonderful experience. It would be a day filled with happiness, joy, emotion and at times with a little sadness, especially when a friend or family member who would be no longer with you to share your special day.

For a professional wedding photographer, it would be imperative to know how stressful it could be to arrange your wedding day. Having plenty of photographers around, where would you start? What would you need to know when searching for a wedding photographer? Their price would range from hundreds to thousands. How would you know if they turn out right for you?

On the wedding day your wedding photographer would start early. They would start clicking pictures of all the moments associated with your wedding. It would start from the bridegroom and the bride getting ready for the big day. The photographer would capture every moment of you getting prepared for the wedding. They would accompany you to the local register office where the bride and the groom would exchange their wedding vows. They would witness the wedding along with capturing the moments for you to cherish for times to come.

However, a good wedding photographer would not be limited to capturing snaps of the wedding. They would be required to show their show their skills and talent by capturing the pictures of the bride and the groom at different locations and poses. Talking about wedding photography, the wedding photographer would be required to make the most of the nearby location. A good wedding photographer would make an ordinary looking location the best place with their art of photography. Their skills would best come into play when the newlyweds would be made to strike a pose for their glamour shots.

In case, you are getting married, a local park, would be a great location for wedding photography. After having a group photo session with family and friends, the newlyweds would enjoy their photography session in the park. The green backdrop of the park provides for a perfect place for bride and groom’s portraits.

The wedding photographer would also take pictures of the newlywed couples at their reception party. Regardless, the place has been a decent enough for couple of good shots. It would mostly depend on the wedding photographer who could turn an ordinary place into a beautiful portrait with the bride and the groom in it.

Professional photographer to capture your wedding

If there is one moment in your life that is worth capturing perfectly then it is your wedding day! As a Barnsley wedding photographer, I believe that you should have only the best when it comes to wedding photography in Barnsley and South Yorkshire.

I can guarantee I will capture those amazing moments on your special day so you can remember them long after the day itself. I also understand that it can be difficult to settle on a professional photographer, but I believe there is no replacement for skill and professionalism! By choosing my services you will be ensuring you get the best service.

Couples expect quality shots of all the magic moments during a wedding and I don’t like to disappoint! As a Sheffield based professional photographer who use the best equipment and all my experience to ensure that your wedding photos are exactly what you hope they would be and more. For me each wedding is unique and I believe that your wedding day deserves better and put a lot of preparation into ensuring not one moment is missed during the course of your special day.

Overall I let the results speak for themselves and I know that you will be more than satisfied with the finished result. Confidence I have the utmost faith in my skills and you should to. The last thing a couple should have to worry about on their wedding day is an incapable photographer or one who interrupts the celebrations. I have done enough wedding photography to know exactly what to expect during a wedding and how to get the perfect shots without interrupting any of the proceedings.

Cost is always a big factor when it comes to settling on a professional wedding photographer and I offer our customers only the best work for their money. Often couples consider cutting corners with wedding photographers, but I believe that because so much time and energy is put into organising the wedding that it is the one occasion that truly deserves a skilled professional to photograph it.

I look to help keep the costs to a minimum whilst providing an exceptionally high standard of services, from the initial price quote all the way through to handing over your wedding album. The perfect reminder of a beautiful day I promise that your wedding album will be the perfect reminder of your special day and it will be an opportunity for you to look back on and share your special day for years to come.
You don’t get second chances to capture those unique moments on your wedding day and therefore it is important you don’t leave this up to chance with an amateur photographer. So don’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to choosing a professional. I promise I will work alongside you on the build up and on your special day to make sure you are getting the perfect service and that you are completely satisfied with the results.

Should I ask a friend to take my wedding photos?

Weddings are getting more expensive all the time: finding the right venue, the most gorgeous dress, the smartest suit, choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers to match. Then there’s the registrar, the reception and that lovely hotel for a honeymoon – it can get very expensive. Working to a budget is very important but this is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. What about photographs? Can money be saved there? You have a friend with a very nice DSLR camera. It has interchangeable lenses so should take some great photos.

How the happy couple choose to spend their budget is up to them – and everyone’s budget is different. But before you choose to save money on photographs, stop and consider carefully for a moment:

Should I ask a friend to take my wedding photos?

Your wedding photographs will be the most enduring memory of your wedding day.

Your wedding dress will be worn once, dry-cleaned and put away in the attic in a box, the bridesmaids may never wear their dresses again and the groom will probably return the suit to the hire shop. The wedding cake will be eaten, the flowers will fade but the photographs that are taken will last forever. It is important to find the right wedding photographer who will create some wonderful memories of your special day. These photos will be all that is left for you, your children and hopefully your grandchildren to enjoy.

More couples now are electing to have an ‘unplugged wedding’ where guests are asked not to take photographs. I think this is great as the guests can enjoy every minute of the day without looking at it from behind a phone, iPad or camera. This would however mean the primary photographer that you book will be the only person taking photos, with that in mind, they best be amazing!

The right wedding photographer does not necessarily mean the most expensive. Finding the right person for the job involves meeting them, viewing what weddings they have done and making sure that you are comfortable with them and their work. Every photographer is individual and you should spend as much time choosing the right photographer as you did choosing the right dress

Get to know your wedding photographer

Many wedding photographers have websites: read their blog and check out their reviews. Do you like the style of photographs they take? How much experience have they got and how much are they in demand? A busy photographer is a sure sign of a good photographer. Can you talk to previous clients of theirs? Do they know the venue that you have chosen or are they going to go and visit it to check it out and ensure that they will have all the right equipment to take great photos on the day.

So, should you ask a friend whether they could take your wedding photos? Organising a group of people to take a good photo takes patience and experience to get the best out of them. Setting the shot so that everyone looks great is important. Winter photos and churches can be very dark and difficult to light you will also not want washed out, red-eye shots of the reception. The equipment itself needed for wedding photography is very expensive likewise the insurances that are needed also carry a cost. Having the right tools for the job is a crucial part of wedding photography, including backups of literally everything!

Having a friend shoot your wedding will also mean that they cannot enjoy your big day, in fact they will probably be worrying and stressing about it months before the event. Shooting weddings is tough for many reasons, professionals shoot dozens every year and should know the potential pitfalls and avoid them. Whether you still decide to get a friend to shoot your wedding or a professional wedding photographer it would be wise getting a contract, probably even more so with a friend. It will outline exactly what both parties accept and may help with talks should after a few months the photos have still not been completed.

You think your memories will last but you will be so busy on the day that you may find it passes like a blur. Having beautiful wedding photographs to look back on will ensure that you will always remember what a wonderful day you had.